“Big Green Egg, Lane’s BBQ & Jesus”

I have been married for almost 24 years and for most of those years, I petitioned for a Big Green Egg. I begged, pleaded, implored, beseeched, compelled, made plea after plea after plea to my wife! In fact, I told her that if we could get a Big Green Egg(BGE) that I would do most of the cooking! I mean, I really wanted one. After many years of offering my best sales pitch I came to the realization that if I was ever going to have one, it would be God-Himself that would have to convince her because they are pricey…

One beautiful Saturday morning as we were looking out our back windows my wife said the “Unthinkable”…  She said, “Matt, you know what we need?” I quickly replied, “what’s that?” This is when she came out with the words that changed our lives forever…”We need a Big Green Egg!” I gathered up our kids, packed them in the Yukon as fast as I could (before she changed her mind) and we immediately drove (not to exceed the speed limit) to our local Big Green Egg Supplier (Thrifty Mac/Madison, GA) and made the purchase of a life time!

Since that beautiful Saturday morning, our family has had the opportunity to enjoy great meals as a result of having the right tool to cook with. We were also introduced to Lane’s BBQ a while back and their rubs and sauces have changed our lives.” In fact, we tell everyone we can about our BGE & Lane’s BBQ Rubs & Sauces! You should check them out. We love their “Sweet Heat” & “Ancho Express” rubs. Their “Sorta White” & “Southbound” Sauces are to die for! If you live in the Madison, Georgia area you can pick up these items at Farmview Market! I can’t hardly think of a day in the past 2 years that I have not told someone about my BGE and recommended the Lane’s BBQ line to someone. I tell everyone about it and I post weekly what I’ve been cooking up on the BGE. In fact, I look at it as my responsibility to share with others the stuff that is so good to me!

Last week as I was preparing to preach at our church (Fusion Church Madison) I was studying John 1:35-42 where Andrew followed Jesus. I think it’s awesome that it tells us that immediately after following Jesus, Andrew went and told his brother Simon (Peter) about the Messiah and brought him to Jesus. That’s when Peter’s life was changed by the power of the Gospel!

As I think about my life, my actions and this passage of scripture, I’m convicted that I will make it a point to tell everyone about my BGE and Lane’s Rubs and Sauces but I’m not as “All In” when it comes to sharing about the greatest blessing I have ever experienced in my life and that’s repenting of my sins and turning my life over to Jesus Christ. Folks, Jesus Christ changed my life and as a follower of Jesus Christ, I want to tell everyone not only about the BGE & Lane’s BBQ Rubs- I want to bring my friends, family and acquaintances to Jesus just like Andrew.

So: Next time you begin to tell someone about something that you really love and enjoy, why not add Jesus to the mix.  You see, it’s not the Egg or the Rub or the Sauce that changes your life, it’s JESUS!




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