Sitting On The Porch w/ My Head Between My Knees

I heard recently about a young man who wanted to be trained in CPR and First Aid. He attended the classes, read the books and was learning a lot about providing medical aid to those in need. One evening, he told his class he actually had the opportunity to use his first aid training that week.

He said, “I heard a terrible crash in my front yard, and when I walked out on my front porch I saw that a car had run into a large tree. I could tell the driver was hurt–it wasn’t pretty. But because of my training, I knew exactly what to do. I sat down on the front steps and put my head between my knees so I wouldn’t faint.”

Today, I have been convicted by the fact that I have been trained.  I have attended seminar after seminar.  I have been through F.A.I.T.H. Training, Every Believer A Witness, Tract Training and have been down the Roman Road too many times to count.  I have taught the EvangeCube, RED Dot Witnessing, and F.A.I.T.H myself!  But sometimes, I find myself sitting on the front steps with my head between my knees.

You see, a lot of times, we are so focused on what we want and how we think everything ought to be, that we miss the very reason Christ has us here on earth!  Today, as I prepare for a very special day in our church on October 19th, God has convicted me to put my training to use!

Yesterday, I saw a young lady wrestling w/ the Holy Spirit and she repented and trusted Christ as her Savior!  It was a beautiful sight.  But that would have never happened if her parents and leaders had been sitting on the porch w/ their head between their knees!

Folks, people need the Gospel!  So, pick your head up, stand up, and put all your knowledge and training to use!  Trust the Lord to change lives!

No Longer on the Porch,



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